When you are buying timber flooring in Baulkham Hills, you must never ignore the subfloor. You must clean it properly before you install the wooden floors on the same. Otherwise, installing the wooden floors would be pointless. You must clean the bobs away from the floor even if it is dry. Similarly, you must also check if there are any contaminants in the wooden planks. Check all of them. Make sure there is no dust on the floor where you are planning to install the wooden floor. You can use a rag after soaking it in mineral spirit for such work. Do this before you use stain or lacquer to cover the floor.

If the need be, use tools such as wood moisture metres to check the moisture level of the wood and then adjust the humidity levels in your room in keeping with that.


Going wrong with the finish

You need to buy the right timber flooring in Baulkham Hills to make sure it lasts for a long time. You have different woods that respond in unique ways to various external factors like exposure to sunlight, wear and tear, spills, and the action of children & pets. Do you have a big dog at home? In that case, it would be wise to go with a harder wood that would offer greater resistance to stains and scratches compared to the softer woods.


Not checking the moisture level of the wood

Your timber flooring in Baulkham Hills could face a lot of problems if its moisture content is not at an optimum level. Too much moisture is just as bad as no moisture. These are the biggest reasons such floors run into problems. Wood is sensitive material, and so it draws in moisture from the surroundings so readily. Therefore, you must be careful when you are assessing the moisture levels of the wood. If you can handle it well, humidity would not pose many problems for you. This is something that most DIY (do it yourself) installers do not unfortunately realize.


Being lured by advertising gimmicks

You should never buy your timber flooring in Baulkham Hills from companies that make outlandish offers just so they can sell their products. This includes offering free installation and deals where you get products for free when you buy a certain quantity of wooden floors from them. There is a high chance that the money you save this way would be spent later on in hiring professionals to correct the wrongs that your original sellers did. It is always better to get quotes from various companies and find out which one is offering the best value on money.


Ignoring leveling

Before you install timber flooring in Baulkham Hills in your property, ensure the subfloors are level, even if relatively so. There should not be a significant height difference. Therefore, remove the old carpet and check if the floor beneath is level or not. If not, level it before you get started with the installation work.